What is a pension annuity?

A pensionA regular income from retirement date until the person passes away.  annuity converts the pension fundThe money you have saved into a pension.  you have built up over the course of your working life into a regular income for the rest of your life.

If you have a private pension or ‘money purchase’ company pension you’ll be able to take some of the cash you’ve accumulated as a tax-free lump sum. The rest can be used to buy your annuity.

Pension annuities give you the security of knowing that you will always have an income and not outlive your pension savings.

Types of annuities

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Income from an annuity can vary according to:

  • The size of your pension fund. Some providers offer better rates for people who can invest large amounts.
  • Your age. The older you are the more income you will get each year, although you should take in to account the cost of delay from the missed annuity payments.
  • The shape of the annuity you buy.
  • Your health. You may qualify for an enhanced annuity.
  • Where you live. Providers may use figures on mortality rates linked to your postcode area to determine your annuity income.

Did you know?

Annuities vary greatly depending on the options you choose.

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