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Equity release schemes are becoming an increasingly popular way for homeowners aged 55-95 to safely release cash from their home, to spend as they wish, before and during their retirement years. With many people's homes being their biggest asset, it makes sense for equity release to be a part of a person's retirement planning and these pages will help you learn more about it.

The Mail in partnership with Key Retirement Solutions, the UK's No.1 independent equity release specialists, are offering all our readers a FREE 32-page guide to equity release as well as a FREE equity release calculator service, which allows you to find out how much cash you can release from your home.

Key believe that advice is only of value when it's independent, and their expert advisers will search the whole of the market to find the very best plan to suit your individual requirements. And as the largest independent adviser, Key can gain access to exclusive deals, including cashback offers and the lowest interest rates, many of which you can't get if you went direct to the provider! You can call Key today on 0808 156 26 74 to arrange a FREE no-obligation initial consultation with one of their expert equity release advisers. Through this consultation you can find out:

If you are considering equity release, please read through Is it right for you carefully.

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keyrs free equity release calculator
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