Equity release

Difficult financial times due to the economic downturn have left many people in need of a financial boost.

Many homeowners aged over 55 have thousands of pounds tied up in their home. Boost your retirement income by unlocking the cash tied up in your home with a modern day equityThe cash value remaining in your home when all outstanding secured debts have been paid.  release plan.

Equity release at a glance

  • Equity release is regulated – the equity release market is fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We recommend equity release plans which come with a number of guarantees to ensure your financial safety.
  • Equity release is flexible – there are a wide range of plans available, so your adviser can help you to choose a plan which matches what’s important to you.
  • You remain in complete control of your home – the plans that we recommend guarantee that you can stay in your own home for the rest of your life and that you can move home (as long as your new property meets the equity release provider criteria).
  • Your estateThe value of your assets at the time of your death, after all debts and charges have been paid.  won’t be left with any debt – we recommend plans which come with a ‘no negative equity’ guarantee to prevent you owing more than the value of your home. An equity release plan will reduce the value of your estate.
  • It’s important to seek specialist advice – equity release is an important financial decision and isn’t right for everyone. Consulting an equity release adviser will help you to explore your options and explain the different plans.

Did you know?

Over 1 million people have come to us for help to decide whether equity release is right for them.

Learn more about equity release and hear from people who are living life to the full by releasing the cash from their home! Request your free equity release guide & DVD today.

This is an equity release plan. To understand the features and risks ask for a personalised illustrationThis is a document which sets out the details of your recommended plan as they apply to you, alongside the associated terms and conditions. .

If you are considering equity release we recommend that you read through is it right for you? carefully.